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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are a great way to make otherwise unusable parts of a yard into a level and functional patio. Retaining walls are best used in a case where a yard is extremely angulated or graded. In these cases, a retaining wall can be used to make an area all one level to create a functional patio. Like Pavers, they are available in different sizes and colors depending on your desired look and application.

Retaining wall bricks are large in size and weight and stack offset on top of one another with a lip that holds each additional layer stacked up from sliding forward and they can be built several feet high. The walls can be used to create a large patio in an otherwise unusable are, or they can be used to create a multiple level patio connected with steps, as well as to accent planting areas.

The Retaining Wall bricks are incredibly durable and will support your patio and accent your yard for years to come. Every yard is different but when we come out for your free quote, we will be able to show you many different styles and colors of retaining wall brick that will work best for you and we will make sure you are 100% comfortable with the process. We look forward to creating your dream outdoor living space!

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