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Brick or Travertine pavers are a great way to add a new patio where there is grass or dirt, or to overhaul an existing concrete patio by overlaying the pavers on top of the concrete. Many pattern and color options will allow you to pick the exact style and color to accent your home and create a wonderful outdoor flowing aesthetic.

An outdoor Paver Patio is a great way to get outside and enjoy the Florida Whether with the family and Brick or Travertine Pavers are a great solution to concrete slabs for several reasons. The first and most obvious is the different styles and colors that are available that can allow you to accent your home in a perfect and unique way. Pavers do not crack or break whereas over time a root or ground settling will cause concrete slabs to crack and break apart requiring removal of the cracked slab and reinstallation of a new slab. However, with pavers this is not the case, the pavers themselves will not crack or break over time therefore if a root upraises a section or settling causes sinking, the pavers can be picked up, the problem can be repaired and the pavers can be reinstalled making pavers much cheaper to maintain over the life of your home.

This means that even 25 years from now you will not have had to repurchase the pavers to maintain the level and look, you will have only had to have any affected areas removed, repaired and reinstalled. This fact allows you to simultaneously have a level and intact wonderful patio for years and years to come, while also costing you much less than keeping that look with a concrete slab.

Every yard is different but when we come out for your free quote, we will be able to show you many different styles and colors of pavers that will work best for you and we will make sure you are 100% comfortable with the process and answer any questions you may have that are specific to your yard or build. We look forward to creating your dream outdoor living space!

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