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Pool Decks and Coping

Brick or Travertine is a great way to give your new or existing pool an overhaul and amazing look. Many pattern and color options will allow you to pick the exact style and color to accent your home and create a wonderful outdoor flowing aesthetic.

Many Florida Pools have cool decking over concrete as the decking surface which has the tendency to crack and fade in color over time. Brick or Travertine Pavers are available to overlay the existing deck in a seamless way so that no concrete has to be removed in order to install the Pavers. We always recommend replacing the Deco Drain on your pool deck as well. Most of the older ones are 1 inch wide and get clogged easily. We replace this 1-inch drain with a 3 Inch wide drain to ensure no standing water is ever on your pool deck.

Coping is the border of bricks that separate the pool and the pavers. We have different styles of coping depending on the construction of your pool so as to ensure that look is seamless and you are 100% satisfied. This process can be done while keeping your existing pool tiles(The tiles that are inside the pool at the water level) or it can also be done while adding new pool tile and resurfacing the interior of the pool with new Marcite, this makes it a full pool remodel.

Every pool is slightly different but when we come out for your free quote, we will be able to show you many different styles of pavers and coping that will work best for your pool. We will make sure you are 100% comfortable with the process and answer any specific questions that you may have with your specific pool. We look forward to creating your dream outdoor living space!

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